According to 2010 Census data, Baltimore's Downtown area (Tract 401) is now its fastest-growing neighborhood. With a 130% increase to over 4,000 residents in the past decade, Downtown is rapidly accommodating its booming population with world-class restaurants, fantastic housing, parks and plazas and exciting nightlife.

If you are one of the thousands of people who call the401 home, hi! Please use this site as a virtual block party. We want to keep our neighbors in the loop of all the amazing events, gallery openings, happy hours, new dining experiences and weird Baltimore culture stuff happening nearby, and our best resource is you. If you have any updates or cool things we’ve completely missed, please head to our contact page and slap us with some 401 knowledge.

If you are not one of the thousands of people who call the401 home, you’re still welcome to peruse and contribute to this site. Just don’t get mad at us when you go out and your friends walk home from Sonar or stumble home from Ale Wife and you have to wait for a cab.